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Crescent Moon Salt Lamp
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Our crescent moon white Himalayan Salt Lamp is attached to a wooden base with an LED color changing light. The prefixed color changing light rotates through the color spectrum, there is no option to choose a certain color. The lamp comes with an attached USB plug to power (input) any standard USB port, whether it's on your computer or USB wall charger (not included). This lamp is prefect for any moon lover, you can create your own moonlight and place on your lamp on your nightstand for sweet dreams, home, office desk, or any sacred space for cleansing energy, or on your altar for moon rituals. Measures roughly 5.5" H x 3.5"- 4" W x 2" D. Minor imperfections are normal as this is a natural stone. Salt lamps are intended for indoor use only and should be kept away from moisture.

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