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Aries Zodiac Stones

Aries Zodiac Stones

Aries tend to be adventurous,
active, and outgoing; but could
use help being patient
(Dumortierite), creating more
peace in their environment
(Amethyst), and enhancing
abundance and prosperity in
their life (Green Aventurine).*

* Each piece will be uniquely different due to the different cuts of the stone.
* The colour may vary depending on the screen settings on your device.
* Please keep in mind, these are natural stones and crystals and may have natural cracks/caves and blemishes - which makes them unique and one of a kind!

What’s inside your Zodiac Stone kit!!
1. Description Card
2. Three Authentic Crystals
3 One black sheer bag
Our zodiac stone kit is great for everyone, you can
carry your stones in your purse, car, pocket, pendant,
or simply keep them at home in your sacred place.